Breaking Stigma: Promoting Mental Health Support

In workplaces of all sizes, mental health stigma can be a barrier to open dialogue and effective support systems. Employers should implement reasonable steps within the workplace to ensure all employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health. These steps can include providing resources and training to employees, encouraging open communication, and creating a culture of acceptance and support.

Promoting mental health support | hands on coffee cup | Red Kite HR Services
Promoting mental health support | promoting workplace conversation | Red Kite HR Services

Here are five steps outlining how your organisation can drive change:

Encourage open dialogues about mental health. Create spaces where employees feel comfortable discussing their concerns without fear of judgment. When a colleague opens up, listen attentively and empathetically. Simply knowing that someone cares can make a huge difference.

Offer comprehensive mental health support and resources within the workplace, including promoting a Wellbeing Policy, undertaking stress risk assessments where an employee struggles with work, and promoting mental health action plans.

Organise training and workshops to educate employees and managers and equip them with the knowledge to recognise signs and provide support. Consider training Mental Health First Aiders.

Promote Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) as a valuable resource for confidential mental health support.  

Actively address and challenge any instances of mental health stigma within the organisation. Set the tone using your leadership team, who should be open to discussions about mental health, inspire others to do the same and promote a culture of understanding and empathy. 

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Breaking Stigma: Promoting Mental Health Support