The key to operating a sustainable business is recruiting the right people at the right time, keeping those people motivated, controlling your costs, examining the performance of your people, and operating within the law. We develop HR and People strategies for our clients focused on delivering continuous organisational improvement.

Informed by our strong commercial understanding, we will work with you to develop a HR and People strategy that is compatible with your organisational budget, identifies where resources can be best deployed for a return on investment, and minimises risk and exposure to employment tribunal claims and negative PR. Recent projects we have worked on include:

Organisational culture

Increasingly business owners view HR strategy as multi-faceted, requiring collaboration with other business functions. Effective leadership, alignment, and consistency in communication is key to promoting a favourable organisational culture. We work with our clients to translate their corporate strategy into values and desired behavioural traits which inform an effective people strategy.

Job evaluation

It is often difficult to determine which roles are making an impact on the bottom line, and you may benefit from a job evaluation exercise which enables rational and transparent decisions to be made on key performance indicators within roles.

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Investment in employee engagement and wellbeing has a direct correlation to improved performance. Being able to harness discretionary effort beyond the contractual requirements of employees is at the heart of enhanced business performance. We advise our clients on how to gather data on employee engagement, how to incorporate employee feedback into their practices and empower employees to achieve more.

Industry awards and B-Corp certification

Our team is experienced in working with clients who aspire for B-Corp certification, through showcasing their commitment to the triple bottom line “people, planet and profit”. We are familiar with the assessment criteria and can support clients develop practices which result in a force for good.   

Behavioural competency frameworks

Employees usually understand the main duties and responsibilities of their roles but may require guidance on the way work should be carried out, and the behaviour and aptitudes that their employer finds valuable. We work with clients to establish a behavioural competency framework which sets out how they want their people to conduct their work and sets a common language for how they go about business. In establishing a behavioural competency framework our clients have been better able to define effective performance, reward those who consistently demonstrate these traits, and recruit the right people for their business.

Almost 60% of new businesses fail in their first 3 years of trading (Telegraph) and almost 50% of UK businesses are failing to use valuable insights from analytics in their HR operations.”

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